Friday, July 19, 2013

Jumma Mubarak and TGIF To non-muslims

Hello Everyone,

I am feeling very Islamic this morning. Its the 10th day of the holy month of Ramadan and i thank Almighty Allah for giving me strength and may he continue to do so. May we see many more Ramadans, Insha Allah,Amen.

Its been a very long week and i must say i now have tunnel vision when it comes to my life. Fasting does that  to you. This does not mean that human beings will still not get on your last nerve especially when you are living in Lagos.  It is very difficult to be calm and pious when you are about to enter a danfo in Lagos and the driver is on the move and you almost fall flat on your face.  It also takes an act of GOD for you not to swear out loud and in your mind when your walking on the road and a passing car splashes water on your shoes.  Anyway am always tooo tired to ' display' like i usually do when someone crosses the line and my time is not enough for frivolities.

Anyway, on to my look for today.  I decided to go a bit ' Arabian'  ( i do not know exactly what this outfit is called, if you do please let me know)because i intend on going for Jumat Prayers later in the day.....

I love changing my look totally.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead

Live Love and Laugh

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