Friday, July 5, 2013

The weekend awaits...

Hey Boys and Girls!

Its Fridddddddaaaaaayyyyy! Weekend here we come.  What plans do we have folks? As usual, i have places to go and people to meet. A cousin is getting married on saturday and on Sunday i just have plans to relax and enjoy some tender loving care...

Anyway, yesterday i had the bad luck of  sitting between two annoying spectacles on a bus ride. One passenger was loudly eating an egg roll with his mouth open, while another was nursing aspirations of being the next Frank Sinatra..Me thinks he should stick with his day job and stop harassing people with his frog croak that he calls a voice.

This week has gone by so fast and i'd like to share  two of my looks that i think are fashionable. You guys be the judge...

I am beginning to love my phone. It allows me to play with my pictures and edit . This look was my favorite of the week. A leopard print sheer top with a peter pan collar and a red body con pencil skirt. Everyone thought i had undergone plastic surgery the night before, because i suddenly developed some curves. For someone who gets bugged about being stick thin, i was kind of flattered and a bit annoyed that people realized that i do have a bum, even though its not always so obvious. I think the body con trend is a must have for slim ladies. It enhances our physique and allows us flaunt our assets e.g those of us that have flat stomachs..( Note to self; get more body con skirts and dresses).
From skin tight to loose and free. This is my look for today. A loose flowing chiffon top with pearl detail at the wrists of the blouse( I hope that's what its called) with blue jeans and wedge sandals. For someone on the skinny side, i shy way from lose fitting outfits but i love this look. Its free and comfortable and kind of chic( or at least that's what everyone tells me). To me, comfort is key in fashion.

That's all folks. Do have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Live,Love and Laugh

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