Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings

Hi guys!!!

Its been a minute. Coming back from a long weekend is wonderful and i must say i had a much needed rest, even though i have not gotten my appetite back because of the fasting and my body is not back to normal in the food department.

Sunday evening is always an anti-climax for me because  i know another working week looms ahead. Do not get me wrong, i am very grateful i have a job but why was i in a hurry to grow up.

I have years and years ahead of me in the work force because i do not intend on being a stay at home mum,no siree! If i am constantly exhausted while am single, i am terrified because i do not know how i will manage combining a career with being a wife and a mother. The horror stories i have heard do not paint a very encouraging picture and talking to my elder sister on the phone, while she keeps screaming,gives me hives.

We will cross that bridge when we get there. Lets deal with the here and now......Fashion. Ankara is a versatile fabric that allows a lot of creativity in its use. Here are some ways we all can wear ankara even to the office, absolutely Gorgeous...

I also want to use this opportunity to thank the creator of ' Blazers'. There are so many brands and its an absolute must have for every woman. Its also my go to outfit for a Monday morning, especially when i have no idea on what to wear...

That's it folks!

Live love and Laugh...

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