Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy new Month & April Fool's Day

Hi Guys,

How have you been and how is life in general. Its a new month and i am so grateful to be alive because a lot of people started this year with us and are gone. Since its the first day of April, that means its also April Fool's day and for the life of me, i can't seem to think of any ideas to prank anybody and i really do not care.

Is this a sign that i am growing older or the fact that the negativity and intensity  around me has finally gotten to me. Even though i consider myself a pessimist, i also know that i have a healthy sense of humour and i can be really fun loving but alas the most constant thing in life is change and you must get with the program. When in Rome,act like the Romans.

In happier news, this past weekend was a pretty fun. I and lee boo have been going through a phase of just wanting to be by ourselves but this weekend we made time to spend with each other and it showed how much we had missed each other. We also caught a movie in between and i must say '300, Rise of an Empire' was a really good movie. It was just what we needed. The graphics,action,fighting scenes,sex scene,cinematography ( even though it was shot in a studio) was stunning and i enjoyed every moment of it. The dismembering scenes also gave me an excuse to jump all over my man.  In short, if you have not seen it, you are sleeping on a bicycle. Many more movies are coming out and we intend on watching as many as possible ( at home or at the cinema).

So that's it folks, here are some selfies of me over the past couple of days...

In the car, on our way to the movies..

At the movies. Was looking for loose change in lee boo's wallet. When we go out, he allows me hold his wallet and i think its so sweet. Does this mean, that if we get married, ill be in control of Finances?  I was wearing a very colorful,flowery and tropical dress. All in the spirit of spring, even though the weather has been hotter than Hades.
What's April Fool's day without a good selfie? Did i get the pouty smoldering look right?  

Have a fantastic month lovers and may this month be fruitful for us all.

Live love and Laugh

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