Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Ahead

Hi Guys,

Its Friday and the weekend is here again. I really do not have any gist per se but i just wanted to wish you all a fantastic weekend ahead and let's make the best of it. Weekends go by tooo fast and before you blink and say boo, its Sunday evening and the blues set in. Oh yes! something did happen to me on my way back from work yesterday. I wanted to get some money from the ATM and the machine happily swallowed my card. I have been hearing about this very annoying experience but it has never happened to me. So i guess there is a first time for everything and now i have to go through a very long and tedious process of getting my ATM card back...not cool. Of recent, it seems all sorts of inconvenient things have been plaguing me e.g on Wednesday i locked my car keys in the car! Its like mars is in retrograde or pluto just bitchslappped jupiter or whatever astrological reason it might be that i just seem to have all the ' Luck' in the world right now.

Anyway i hope this weekend will make up for this extremely mentally and emotionally tasking week. Here are some cheerful pictures to put y'all in the weekend mood...



Friday never felt so good. Oh yeah and i have a wedding tomorrow. A dear old friend of mine is getting married tomorrow to her 'sugarbanana' and i am very happy for her. Blackmailed lee boo to accompany me, according to him, he does not like weddings.Say what? That's another gist for another day but he is going for this one sha and many more after it. He needs to start practicing.  Have a fantastic weekend guys..

Live love and Laugh

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