Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Beginnings...

Hi Guys,

Its been another long intermission between blog posts but please bear with me. My life is all sorts of cray right now. Anyway i have to gist you about the latest developments in my life.

I have started to drive and must i say its been an experience both good and bad. I finally got a small ride to take me from point A to Point B and am enjoying the experience. I got the car from a friend who wanted to sell it of at a good bargain and at first i was reluctant about getting the car because i thought ( you know how we are) that people would make nasty comments. Why is it your friend's car you bought? Are you sure you bought it or she gave you? Tobi sha wants anything Lagbaja has used...bla bla bla. After due consultation with people that matter to me ( Mum,Sis,Bro,boo and another Close friend)they all said the same thing to me, buy the car. My sis said its a step in the direction for me getting the car i truly want and i should use this car to learn how to drive and God willing will get a better one and who knows it might be brand new. I also remembered all the days of trudging in the rain and the uncomfortable conditions in Danfos and i was like ' What the heck! am getting this car and who gives an ant's fart what people think! After all, i am paying for it. So i am a proud owner of a car ( Nigerian used) but its all mine and after some tweaking i am sure it will serve me well till i get a better one.

Secondly, I changed my phone. It was not in my plan and i am still smarting from the whole experience. Please, please stay away from Blackberry Z10! My phone just refused to come up when i made the fatal mistake of trying to update my OS. I took the phone to a recognized repair shop and after two week of trying to fix it, they gave up as well. I am bitter and i have just not had the time to go to a blackberry store and all that. The phone is an epic fail! So i have ported to Android and i am currently using a Samsung Grand Duo. Am i wowed by the phone? Not really, the camera quality isn't fantastic but i do have access to apps that i did not before and it is a dual sim phone, so that's an advantage. I also finally joined Instagram! Call me a traitor but i finally caved and am just having fun looking at fabulous pictures and tinkering with some of mine. Filters are the shiznnit men!


Till next time folks...

Live love and Laugh...

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