Friday, February 14, 2014

Lust is in the Air #Valentine is here again...,

Hey Lovers,

Its that day again that puts so much  pressure on both male and female. for  females its a time to find out if your boo is really your boo and for men its that time to show if that girl is the main chick or know. A colleague of mine said he heard a joke that ' if you spend the 14th with him ( main chick),15th with him( side chick) 16th and beyond? ( Sarewagba is your name).

The Madness of Valentine can be quite interesting and i am always amused by the everything that happens, the marketing gimmicks and social expectations. The girls waiting with bated breath for a gift, the guys who have been saving their pennies to get that special woman something special and people like me who just want to eat free cakes and chocolates and go awwww when we see the bouquet of roses.

In my office, Valentine seems to be away on vacation. Barely a touch of red on anyone's outfit and am yet to see any deliveries *sign* that means my awoof cup may not runneth over this year. Very boring and very dry people. Does loving work means death?

Last year, i was not in a relationship and this year i am. Do i feel any pressure about whether he might propose or whisk me away on a trip? NAA! I guess am just very comfortable and at peace where we are right now. His not  very the over top when it comes to Valentine and frankly cannot see the fuss. Part of me agrees  but the part that is 'purely female and Nigerian girl' expects something. So to please me, he made plans and i think that's very sweet of him because he is going out of his comfort zone for me  that's what Love is about ( in my opinion). Not the gifts or elaborate displays but the real deep stuff.

So this is wishing all the Lovers out there a Happy Valentine and please lets try to show love to all those around us, lets take it beyond the superficial.

Live Love and Laugh

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