Thursday, May 30, 2013

Laissez le bon temps rouler

Hi Guys!

Its been a minute and i have been so busy doing nothing really. My birthday came and went and it was an adventure i tell you. I have the best friends ever. Little did i know that my girlfriends Tola and Tracy had a huge surprise for me. My birthday was filled with emotions, i laughed and cried on that day and for a while i was actually quite down but i managed to snap out of it and have a good day. Looking back now, i wonder why i felt so down and i feel a bit ungrateful and silly because God has been good to me and blessed me in so many ways that i do not know. The huge surprise was a birthday party organized for me as a surprise on last week friday. My friends could be CIA Agents because i did not have a clue and nobody let the cat out of the bag including my younger brother. Apart from the party on friday,it was quite an eventful weekend for i and my girl pals. On saturday we had a boat cruise and on Sunday we volunteered our services at a charity concert to help ' Kelechi walk' and it was well worth it. I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who made my day special, especially my friends, you guys rock and may God bless you abundantly. Here are the pictures of my fun and eventful weekend...

The pictures above are from my birthday spent at the office. Fun times with my office dolls( Dumz,Phoomz,Debz,Riri and Mrs J)
 Looking like a doll on friday night.Fabulous makeup done for me at Tola's Office. AM SO CLUELESS! I still didn't suspect anything, i was just excited to get my makeup done for a fun night out.

I am blessed to have these women in my life. This was after the big reveal.....

I and bobo lulu. He was in on the whole surprise and did a good job of keeping it from me.
I  and my Girl sistas feeling hot. I did not take too many pictures because i was sooo happy and touched. After the extremely ' Fun Night' with quite a bit of other events that i am too shy to reveal here( what happens in T••s••`•, stays there, still blushing). After friday, the fun continued..
We needed to hide our tired eyes because we still hadn't recovered from the night before. When we party,we party hard! I always have the best times with my partners in crime.
These T-shirts was sooo cute and and i need to get the contact info of the guy who hooked us up. It was all for charity...

Good times... 

Live Love & Laugh

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