Friday, May 3, 2013

Sugar and Spice and all things nice for the weekend

Hi Dolls and Gentlemen,

How was the week? It was a bit of a short one with the Wednesday break to celebrate Worker's Day. God bless whoever came up with the idea to give a ' non-working' day as a celebration for workers. Totally inspired!

My life is just going at a steady boring no surprises pace.I have a one week leave coming up from next week and i would have really loved spending it outside Nigeria but no cheddah. So am going to turn my house into a ' resort' by stocking the house with food and snacks, fuel for the generator and just generally chill. Ill see if i can squeeze in some partying and visits if i can.

In the romance department, everything is soooooo dry....

No toasters,propositioners or faworaja's ( as my friend Dumz calls them) to keep a girl busy or drive me totally crazy with their stupidity and lame lines.... but i digress. Its better this way believe me.

Its also my birthday month( Happy birthday to me) and i AM DETERMINED( in Kanu's Voice) to make it worth my while and have the best time ever. Money or no Money and Man or no Man. Mi ole wa ku men. Hopefully something good will happen to make me totally euphoric and happy.

As per my blogging i intend to step it up a notch and change some things about it. I also do not mind suggestions. It breaks my heart that i might not be able to update next week but ill see what i can do using my BB. I really need an Iphone or an IPAD( hint! hint! or wink to any good Samaritan that will love to sow into my life or Corporate entity) am an unabashed ole! A girl can hope for a birthday gift na...

Have a blessed weekend lovers. Hugs and kisses.

Live Love and Laugh

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