Friday, April 26, 2013

A Cold Dreary TGIF

Hi Guys!

Its another friday and it feels like the week would never end. It was not one of my best weeks, i must confess. My health and mood has been all over the place and i have just not been my best.

Anyway i did tell you i went for an owambe last weekend. A colleague got married and it was nice to see my colleagues outside the office in full party regalia and looking beautiful. It was an ibo wedding and the traditional attire was colorful and was a new experience for me. Here are the pix...

Its a rainy friday and the weather is a bit cool( weather for two thinz). Unfortunately am the kind of person that orgaanises what i will wear for the week. Friday was maxi dress day and even the rain could not change my mind, so i threw on a sweater to make it look warm...

I do not look very cherry..

Have a nice weekend ahead

Live Love Laugh

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