Monday, April 8, 2013

African Mothers..You got to love them

Hi Guys

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful because i decided to stay indoors throughout. I only stepped out to get a manicure and buy food stuffs at the market because i was a feeling a bit domesticated and i basically was not in the mood to go out so much. My staying at home also meant that i spent a lot of time with my mother who did not have any owambe parties to attend or rather was not feeling up to it just like i was.

Staying at home with no electricity in this weather while you are a bit low on cash can be hell. I was cranky, broke and plain irritable. Mixing this scenario while staying at home with your unapologetic  Yoruba mother is a recipe for disaster.

I love my mother, i really do. She is one of the strongest most hardworking women i know and she inspires me everyday. BUT! She can get on my last nerve! Let me regale you with the different things that happened over the weekend that tried my patience and made me count to hundred and bite my tongue( woe betide you to be disrespectful to my mum, you will be charged as an accessory to your own murder):

She woke me up abruptly at 7am on Saturday and gave me a headache. According to my mum, it being a Saturday did not mean that i could sleep in and if i was married and had kids would i not wake up to do my house chores and go to the market.

After i cleaned and did some laundry,my mum expected me to ask what we would have for breakfast. As far i was concerned if you are hungry, you better speak up. I made the big mistake of stating my 21st century opinion which led to another lecture. If i was running my own home would i wait for my husband to say he was hungry before i prepared breakfast?

Then the grand finale! A friend called me for a party on Saturday evening which would last all night. Apart from the fact that i was NOT really in the mood to party, i also wisely knew that giving my mum one hour notice for an all night party would lead to disapproval. My friend came over and tried to ask permission on my behalf because i was not up to the whole drama. My mum said it was fine  that i could go for the party. After all i was old enough to just inform her that i was going to sleep outside the house on a saturday without prior notice. Does that sound like approval to you? REALLY!

Anyway looking back at the weekend, its a little amusing and i cannot help but chuckle a bit. You have to love our African Mothers. Anyway its Monday and its back to the grind. Do have a wonderful week ahead lovers and remember to...

Live Love and Laugh

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