Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Brother Lil Bro AKA Bobo Lulu

Hey Peeps!

Its a Monday,woohoo!( Not!), LOL. I guess am just in a good mood today because its my one and only brother's birthday,Olaoluwa Sherifdeen Rasaq. My Blog post is dedicated to him today.

Where do i start from? I and my brother have a very unique relationship filled with genuine love and affection and healthy dose of hate which is normal in any sibling relationship. He is one of the few men that can REALLY get under my skin and make me want to commit murder but at the same time i am very protective of him and cannot help but treat him like a baby, which he hates. Our fights are EPIC and we are both very good at insults and sarcasm but we are quick to make up. I cannot keep malice with him for too long, his my kid brother.

His also very protective in his own way because his the first to call if i do not get home on time and quick to do a double take and introduce himself when he sees me with a new guy( it helps that his on the tall side so guys can be a bit more respectful towards me). My brother is a man of very few words with the weirdest sense of humor that only i and my sister seem to understand, with a very large vocabulary that even stumps ME sometimes. His love for soccer is beyond compare( UP REAL MADRID!) and can be quite annoying but to each his own. His also a deep thinker and a very good house keeper when he wants to be, his always arranging my shoes and can out-sweep me any day.

So Olaoluwa this is wishing you a very happy birthday. You are in your final year now and i hope when you graduate,life will treat you good. A good job, a good wife( when the time comes and yes you will marry, whether you like it or not), plenty money, good health and long life.  I do not have too many pictures of you but here goes...

Happy birthday Little brother( You hate the title but i will rub it in)

Live Love and Laugh Lulu pops!

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