Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Update on recent events..

Hello Guys,

How has it been? Hope you all have been coping with Lagos wahala and keeping your head above water and surviving in this harsh economic times. I do not want to say this popular Nigerian phrase that annoys my soul but i have to ' It is well'( Rolling eyes). 

I really do not have much to say  because my life is in a phase of tranquility but i can quickly summarise recent events in bullet points:

  • Finally changed my phone to a Z10, need i say that i still cannot get the hang of the phone and at this rate i will need tutorials. The phone is a beauty and a wonderful birthday gift but i am mortally afraid of answering  calls in public transport for the fear of being jacked! 
  • I attended an event last week saturday organised by the Advertising Agencies Association of Nigeria( hope am right) AAAN  themed' Bursting loose' at Elegushi beach. Yours truly was there in my short shorts ready to party after we were told we would be sanctioned if we didn't show up. Nothing changes your mind quicker than a threat of salary reduction.
  • In the romance department...wink! 
  • Got into a minor disagreement with a colleague at work( Yawn and Hiss!) Somethings are totally unnecessary.
 So that about it folks! Will update with you pictures when i can get  the hang of this phone jare....

Live Love and Laugh

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