Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy new year guys!

Happy new year people! ok it might be getting too late for that but since we are still in the first month of the year,what the heck!

my holidays as usual was crazy,in a good and a bad way. i spent quality time with my family eating and drinking like it was going out of style and feeling totally unsexy because i met no guys(ok no great guys) and still haven't. i met one that seemed like a good prospect turned out to be a bust,what else is new? anyway i spent time with family and friends which is to me is what life is about. partied hard and went to the beach!

anyway its back to work we are and praise be to God the year started well for me. which is a good omen for the rest of the year(have to think positive). i hope 2011 is a fab year for us all. its also an election year and frankly am not impressed by any of the candidates buts that Nigeria for you.

so once again happy new year to us all. its going to be tough buts lets try to have fun anyway we can!

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