Friday, June 26, 2015

The blushing bride to be

Hi Guys,

How have you been?

I will not apologize about my not updating in a while, its getting old. So ill just get on with it.

So as we all know, i am getting married in about 4 months and though preparations have started. Even though it has not really gotten any momentum yet, am already stressed. It's just not about the money, its the whole planning, the tension, the finding vendors and basically not killing your Fiance in the process.

Last week was dedicated to getting booking a make up artist and must i say it was dramatic. I did not know that the make up business was this lucrative at least for the MUA who know what they are doing. I swear am tempted to resign and go for a training at the house of Tara, learn the Art ( yes its an art) and once i have established myself starting charging from 100k upwards.

Image result for make up application cartoon

Am not joking these ladies are charging a whooping 100k for their work. Now, now before some people start knocking me, am not judging oooo, haba its their profession, it takes skill and dedication to learn it and if they want to charge 100k upwards, by all means they should. Those that can afford them, will patronize them. Unfortunately for me, i have very high taste and food wey sweat, na money cook am. If i want the Banke Meshida magic wand, then by all means, i have to pay for it. However, my taste does not match my pocket, so i have to be smart, if i can't get Banke, ill get her distant cousin, who is just as good but at a lesser cost.  That does not mean, she won't charge 100k one day for another bride but it just WON'T be me and i intend on getting married only once by God's grace.

In other news, its the holy month of Ramadan and we are on the 9th Day, Allahamdulilahi! May Allah make it easy for us. I am also done with my Master's degree, I just finished my 3rd semester exams, so i just have one semester left and my project and i am done! Whoop! Whoop!

That's been my life in a nutshell...oh i forgot that work just got a whole lot crazier and i have more responsibilities ( it's like a promotion but i am not excited). Anyway, i am trying to be more positive about life and keep the smile on.

Till next time...whenever that is.

Live, Love and Laugh

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