Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Blues

Hi Guys!

How was the weekend? Mine was fun filled and event filled. I had the privilege of attending the Hip Hop world Awards now known as ' The Headies' on saturday. It was a new experience because i have never attended any high profile event as such. The Boo managed to score us  VVIP tickets so we had front row seats. Oh i almost forgot to mention that earlier in the day i attended a former class mate's wedding to her Boyfriend of many years. She incidentally is the one that introduced' ' the Boo' to moi so i definitely had to be there. It was a beautiful ceremony and i hope one day i have a wonderful wedding to, when am ready for such a life time commitment. Am such a realist because i rarely get teary eyed about weddings, for me its the marriage after that counts. We young ladies of today place too much emphasis on the grandeur of wedding ceremonies that we forget that after the last guest leaves that's when the real work starts. Its not only about finding the right man but making sure you are prepared for the work ahead ( mentally,emotionally,spiritually, and physically) because marraige is not a ' walk in the park' and the reality is that the sucess of the marriage depends a great deal on the woman ( at least in this part of the world) so am not in any hurry.

Anyway it was an interesting weekend and the week is bound to be even more so with Sallah celebrations coming up at the end of the week. I have enough fried meat to look forward to.

Have a great week ahead.


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