Friday, October 19, 2012

Rainy Dreary Friday

Hi Guys!

Thank God its Friday, finally! Am so happy that this week is over and i get to sleep for like 9 hours tomorrow. Coming to work this morning was crazy. It rained cows and sheep and yours truly was suitably inconvenienced by the weather. Anyway, am at the office ( finally getting back to the work mode after the leave) and am warm and dry after downing a hot cup of beverage.

Well, i do not have too many plans for my weekend even though i have a wedding tomorrow with the boo.  The boo has been mad busy over this past few weeks and ill be the first to admit that it has put a bit of a strain on our times spent together but i will try not to be a nag and just ride with it.

Anyway God willing, it should be a good weekend. I hope to see the boo this evening and if not ill just have to spend time with my friends over hot plates of pepper soup and drinks ( am razz like that).

Till next time


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