Thursday, May 15, 2014

What are the streets saying?

Hi Fam,

How's it going? My blogging is just getting worse by the minute. So many things have been happening over this past couple of weeks. Ill just drop  summary of current events and my take on it.

  • #bringbackour girls: As commendable as this 'movement' is and the fact that it has brought a lot of publicity to the plight of these poor girls that have been kidnapped by these demons in human form. Some part of me is getting a bit irritated by the fact that every Tom,Dick and Maria are jumping on the band wagon, not because they actually 'care' if these girls are found but because they just have to join in for cheap publicity and think its the new cool way to take a ' selfie'. The conspiracy theories are at it again! Some people actually think that ' Boko Haram' is a creation of the west and the US is using them to get into Nigeria and that Boko Haram is political.  Like 'DUH!' We all know that Boko Haram is political and there is no snowball's way in hell, its religious in my opinion. But the US Sponsoring them? Really? I know that the only thing the US cares about in the long run is the US. Is it  a coincidence that they are offering their help to an oil rich nation? Nope!  Nigeria is going to pay for this help in some way, that is for sure, but i don't think Boko Haram is funded by the  west.  

  • #whatdidJayzsaytoSolange: In true Millennial shallowness this topic of discussion has threatened to topple even more important stuff like ' world peace' from the news. Solange turned her brother in law  into target practice for kicks and the world has never been the same again. It's unfortunate that the video had no audio, this would have solved this mystery nicely. This was a brief moment when the curtain was lifted and we saw ' behind the fame'. If you all are expecting that Beyonce or Jayz might release a statement, i seriously doubt it. These are people known for keeping their mouths shut about  personal ish and this has probably fueled the Illuminati rumors. Come to think of it. Why has no one alluded to Illuminati about this incident? I won't be surprised if they say that ' Solange was angry with Jayz because he initiated her sister into the cult and she was fighting with him to release her sister from bondage and the reason Beyonce could not talk was because she was under instructions not to and the reason people are saying Solange is crazy is because of the Illuminati and that is why she has not been as successful as Beyonce'. See movie script? Do i really want to know what happened? Hell yeah! Do i really care if they are engaging in threesomes behind closed doors? Not really.  

These are just two of the events that have captured my attention in recent times. As for me, what has been going on since last week: 

  • I want to start registering for my Master Degree classes but am cash strapped. Adult education is not cheap and am praying for financial help from God through humans. 
  • I journeyed to Ogun state to my school Olabisi Onabanjo University ( such a mouthful,OSU is just fine) to get my degree certificate 6 years after and to my utmost relief, i got it in record time but after i parted with money. My wallet or rather ATM Card is still recovering from the abuse. Has Ogun state woken up from under development? Nope! To my annoyance, construction that had been going when i graduated is still going on! 6 years after! Geez...
  • The streets are saying i have put on weight and that is a welcome development. I have not really noticed any changes but i know my cheeks seem rosier.  

Can you tell the difference? I love this look. To me this is semi formal casual chic. 

Tank Top
Blue Jeans
Statement Neck piece
Nude pumps

Wish i could dress like this everyday but i get bored easily and i like to switch it up. 

Till next time folks 

Live Love and Laugh

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