Monday, June 18, 2012

Having a Support System

hey Guys!

Its been two months too long that i have updated anything on my blog. I feel so guilty and upset that i allowed events overwhelm me that i totally neglected my duties.

Anyway the life of a single girl always has drama and i have had my share. A short lived relationship was the crux of it all. God i was or i still am totally smitten but sometimes you have to know when to let go. I have come to the conclusion that on no circumstance should you be the one chasing a guy,never! I did and right now am paying the price for it big time. If a guy wants you,he will do the chasing. Secondly you cant make a man love you, he does or he doesn't. Its as simple as that. i was under the impression for the past three months that if i altered my myself,if i was more patient,talked less and generally became a different version of me that i would be more appealing to the guy in question. What a joke! Need i say that it didn't work and now am paying the price. I allowed my libido and heart do the reasoning and now am up shit creek( pardon my french). Its been a very trying couple of days,  am always being on the verge of tears but thank God for my rocking support system,my friends. They have been there keeping my chin up and making me laugh through my tears and plied me with anecdotes about their own horrible experiences. In this game of love and war,everyone has their own battle scars and stories. We just hope that its all worth it in the end.

So to all young women out there who are looking for their soul mate. Never change yourself for any man. A man who loves you,will love no matter your inadequacies but will help you become a better version of yourself,will compliment you and will balance out the qualities that you lack.

So till next time.


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