Friday, June 22, 2012

Religiousness VS Godliness

Hi guys!

Am proud of the fact that its not been up to a week am back, Yipee! The fact that it's a rainy rainy Friday will also not dampen my mood besides the fact that my tailor has  upset me because the dress i am to wear for a friend's wedding tomorrow has not been finished( rolling my eyes).

Well before i go on rambling about my personal drama, there is something that has come to my notice about our dear country,Nigeria. We are a very religious people but how Godly are we? I am a Muslim by birth and i am trying to practice the religion to the best of my ability,even though i know its not as diligent as it should be. At the back of my mind,i have always been of the opinion that our religiousness really is one of our greatest problems. There is a lady in my office that is a practising Muslim. she covers her hair and goes to the mosque every Friday for Jumat prayers. Compared to her i can say i fall into the category of  an unserious Muslim. I don't cover my hair, i wear revealing cloths, i party sometimes and am very vain and i do not go to the mosque for Jumat as frequently as i should.This lady in question has invited me countless times for Jumat prayers but i always find excuses not to go,sometimes they are genuine reasons but for the most part its just plain laziness. i noticed that her attitude towards me has become more distant and cold. we have never had any disagreements and our contact in the office is minimal at best, because we work in different departments. I can only come to the conclusion that my not going for Jumat is the reason for her behavior towards me. This is where i get a bit confused. To the best of my knowledge, i am not the worst person on earth. I am friendly and down to earth and i try to be kind to my neighbor. so i wonder what gives her the reason to be judgmental.

Nigerians should begin to place less emphasis on what religion we practice but on the character of each person. Am not saying throw religion out the window but i must agree that it has been the cause of major wars in human civilization. Take for example this Boko Haram wahala. I am not that versed in the Quaran but i am Genuinely horrified that this terrorists are killing innocent people ( both Muslim, christian and a few traditionalists) in the name of Islam. I think when we start placing more emphasis on LOVING your fellow human being then a lot of the crimes committed will be greatly reduced.

Anyway till next time folks! Have a wonderful weekend.


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