Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ace that Interview...

Hi Guys, 

How has the week been? Its Thursday and that means we can start wiggling our behinds because the weekend is here. 

Before we start grooving for the weekend lets discuss something serious.The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and how its affecting the economy. You are probably wondering why am talking about something this depressing. Well, its because another batch of Youth Corpers are currently at their Orientation camps now.It is really depressing that one batch has passed out and another batch has gone in and there is no guarantee of jobs when they do join the labour market. It makes everything bleak and very depressing but as we Nigerians always say ' IT IS WELL'. 

However, someone told me that no matter how dire the situation is, if you are very good  at what you do, you will get a job. Unfortunately that is not the case in Nigeria, competence or skill is no guarantee that you will get a good job but to make our chances better,i have decided to do a blog post on getting ready for an interview. Going in for an interview can be very nerve wracking and sometimes letting your nerves get the best of you  or being ill prepared can ruin your chances of getting that dream job. So here we go... 

  • Practice:  practice makes perfect ( or at least as close to perfect as you can be). Try and practice answering interview questions and practice your responses to typical job interview questions and prepare examples to describe your skills. 
  • Research :  This is very vital. Make sure you find out as much as you can about the company and role you are interviewing for. 
  • Be on Time : This is very important and will give a good impression about you. Make sure you never get to an interview late and if you cannot avoid it, please call ahead. 
  • Look Good: Now this is my favourite part of the whole process. Wearing the outfit and looking sharp will boost your confidence and whether you like it or not , You are also appraised on how you dress. You cannot go in for an interview in marketing or Business Development wearing a T-shirt and Jeans. Dress according to the industry you applying for a job in but no matter how crazy or creative, it may be, look put together. Here are some pictorial guides. 

If you notice, am tilting towards wearing a skirt. They make you look feminine and smart and you can be subtly sexy ( not skanky) with a pencil skirt. I believe a little sexy can be brought into an interview but as long as you are not a total air head. 

Live Love laugh

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