Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Musings ( The dying breed of Teachers)

Hi Guys,

I am so sorry i have not been active on the blogosphere this past week, its been hectic and am here to update you on what has been happening to your girl.

As you all know, i am currently exploring all available options open to me and i must say its a bit scary but exhilarating at the same time. Not being committed to a 9-5 this past couple of months has been an experience.There is nothing like a steady pay check to give you a feeling of security and i am not quite ready to bid adieu to the corporate world but in the meantime am enjoying the experience and having a blast.

Well last week, my late dad's close  friend ( my dad was actually his best man)  gave me a call and said he needed my expertise on a book that was being put together for their former secondary school ( Ansarudeen High School,Surulere) principal's ( Alhaji  Shukrullah Babatunde Selem) 80th birthday / Book and Foundation Launch. He wanted me to go through the entire manuscript and edit and correct what needs to be corrected before the book went to print in three days for the event on the 17th of November( yesterday).

I was a bit scared and flattered because i did not want to do a shoddy job and disappoint my late dad, his friend and the entire old students association( AHOSA), so the whirl wind began. For the three days that i tried to help the editing team to put this book together, it was crazy. However, reading this book was very illuminating and made me think about the educational sector now compared to the time of my dad. 

Alhaji Selem by all accounts was a devoted educationist that dedicated his life to molding the lives of his students and whoever he came across, positively. To read the glowing recommendations from his former students and peers was an eye opener and got me thinking. What happened to the saying ' a teacher's reward is in heaven' . Our teachers ( primary,secondary and university) want their rewards in the here and now. I think Alhaji's Selem's breed of teachers are  a dying breed and its kind of sad. I have nothing against you wanting to be paid for what you do because it encourages you to do more but that passion to impact in the lives of the future generation by our teachers, is dead. When i was in the university, it seemed our lecturers took their jobs as an after thought and just did it because it was a job, the passion wasn't really there.

So who are we to blame for this rot in our educational sector? We cannot blame the teachers alone. Is it the Government?  Is it the parents? IS IT THE STUDENTS,THEMSELVES, THAT REBUFF THAT KIND OF INVOLVEMENT? I really do not know but I'd appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Have a wonderful week ahead, be kind to one another...

Live Love and Laugh

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