Friday, November 8, 2013

Rock that Swim Suit!

Hi guys,

The weekend is here again and that means its time to relax, catch up with friends and family and generally just chill. My plans for this weekend include swimming lessons. Le boo loves to swim and has been after me to get into the water. I do not know how to swim and i admit i am a bit ashamed and defensive about it. It's not my fault i cannot swim, i was never taught. Anyway, he has volunteered to teach me and that in itself promises to be a very interesting experience. I see it as a test of our relationship, if he can get me to swim and we do not break up in the process or i drown, then i guess i have reached my last bus stop.

Apart from my fear of drowning and ruining my hair, i also have this fear of looking terrible in a bathing suit. Be it a one piece or a bikini, i do not feel that i have the body to carry it of. I am fortunate to be very slim but i want to look like Halle Berry or a Victoria secret model. I wish i could fill out a swim suit the way they do and looking smoking hot while at it. Most girls want to look fit and slim, i want to look fit and curvy. Being skinny is not all it seems to be. I want to step out in my swim suit and make lee boo's heart and every male around stop for just a second. Well, a girl can dream can she? In Tobi fashion, i know a real issue when i see one and i also know that am not the only girl with hang ups about her body,especially when you have to be half dressed. So i decided to do a little research on tips to look good in a swimsuit and share them with you:

  •  Cut back on salt ; This reduces water retention in your body and bloating. 
  • Drink more water ; This actually also helps in reducing water retention, bloating and not to mention fatigue. 
  • Cut out Dairy: This should be easy for me because am not crazy about milk and i can do without it for a couple of days. This also helps in reducing bloating. 
  • Get the right one: Just like any outfit, you need to get a swim suit that fits your body type . Get one that accentuates the part of your body you love and  draws less attention to the parts, you are not crazy about. 
  • Accessorize: I cannot stress how much accessories make or break an outfit. A floppy sun hat or cat eye sunglasses will make you feel like a movie star. You can use accessories as a means to cover up or to show of your shape. Get a fabulous cover up that flatters your shape and still showcase the parts you want to show of . You can tie a sarong to cover up your legs and hips or wear a tunic top that hits you mid thigh, if you want to cover up your not-toned stomach. 
  • Fake it, till You make it! ;Stand up straight and be confident. This is the best tip and is the sexiest thing a woman can have. Even if you are having an off day, smile and strut your stuff like a super model. 
Well, i hope all these tips help, i intend on following them because i think its a little to late to hit the gym, since the weekend is here already. However i do know that i still need to eat well and exercise so i can feel confident in whatever i wear and am sure you agree with me. 

However, if you  start to feel lazy and need a kick in the pants and inspiration. Here are the pictures of the Black contestants in the Miss Universe Pageant, 2013. The pageant will hold tomorrow on the 8th of November in Moscow,Russia.


I am so envious but feel inspired at the same time( I can do this!). Have a great weekend guys. 

Live, Love and Laugh.

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