Tuesday, December 3, 2013

' The Open Yard Sale' is set to hit Lagos!!!

Hi guys,

When it rains it pours. Its been absolutely crazy this past couple of days and i know its only going to get crazier as the year comes to an end.

Anyway  am excited to announce to you that something is coming to town and its almost as good as SANTA! It's the first ever ' Open Yard Sale!!!' and it promises to be worth your while. The 'Open Yard sale' is an opportunity for you to get some Xmas shopping done at affordable rates. It's all about fashion and you get the opportunity to buy shoes,cloths,accessories for both male and female with makeup and gorgeous hair pieces.

The Accessories Lounge will be one of the vendors with our gorgeous array of accessory pieces for you to pick and choose from at affordable prices. If you cannot afford to buy an entire wardrobe, just buy a couple of accessory pieces and spruce up your closet.

So come one, come all and get your fashion and beauty on!!! Will keep you posted...

Live Love and Laugh

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