Friday, December 20, 2013

TGIF!!! So much to do, so little time

Whats Popping guys?

Omo, its not easy oooo. You know i have whined in the past about how busy my life is? I was deceiving myself, my life just got a whole lot busier and crazy. So much has happened this past couple of weeks and all i can say to my creator is thank you. In the last quarter of this year, Almighty Allah has shown me that he can totally change your story once you have faith. The funny thing is, i am not one of the most faithful or should i say faith based person, you will ever meet. I am as pessimistic as they come and yet God  in his infinite mercy,still blessed me. I am not where i want to be yet, but for now, i am grateful for where i am because it could be much worse. I caught a glimpse of what 'worse' could be like and dear lord, i do not want to experience it, pessimist or not.

Anyway, as i said, these past couple of weeks have been insane and i had so many things to do with so little time. I started work at a new organisation, its a new media advertising agency filled with only young people that makes me feel old, and am not. Its a new direction for me and i must say i am excited and a bit anxious about my fitting into this world of digital fastness and whiz kids but ill try and soak up as much knowledge as possible. Then y'all know have been going on and on about the 'OPEN YARD SALE' and it was a good outing and i met new people and made new contacts. It was fun and we learnt so many things about project management and organizing an even in a short period of time( just two weeks). We intend on making it a quarterly event and we are going to improve on so many things. Sales could have been better but that's a general thing right now and it just goes to show the state of our economy and how it has been ruined so much, that people cannot do the one thing, Xmas is about, SHOP! but i digress, OPEN YARD SALE was a success depending on how you look at it.

The next day after the sale, i woke up bright and early and left my home at 6am to meet up with my colleagues at the ' EPE RESORT AND SPA"Llocated at Itoikin Road, Epe, Lagos state,Nigeria, for an end of the year retreat. Everyone had left the day before but i could not, because of the sale. All i can say is that it was an experience. It was filled with work, work and more work but we managed to have a bit of fun. As for the venue all can i say is 'Gorgeous'. The resort  in my regard, deserves a 5 star rating( the spa isn't functioning yet, sad face, that was what i was looking forward to). The accommodations were on point with 4 people to a 'chalet', that's two people to a room and beautiful grounds. The environment was serene and it felt like you were cut of from the world ( which is not a ad thing, if you live in crazy ass Lagos). Its a place to go for a weekend getaway with Le boo or your significant other.

Enough talk already! Ill let the pictures do the rest, starting from the yard sale..

I did take more pictures than these but they are on my camera. Ill try to download and share with you guys on subsequent posts. Now for my sojourn at Epe..



It was a wonderful experience and gave me the opportunity to get more comfortable with my new colleagues and have fun while doing it. Did i mention that the food was fantastic? So much sea food to choose from, sign... I ate so much that when i got home, i had to use some herbs to clear my stomach. I would recommend the 'Epe Resort and Spa' any day. 

Have a fantastic weekend ahead dolls and Happy Holidays, Christmas is just Five days away and it doesn't feel like it, yet. What a wonderful country we live in, our leaders should be given a big round of applause( eye rolling my eyes out). 

Live Love and Laugh and a Merry Xmas to You and a Happy new Year in advance. 


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