Friday, December 13, 2013

TGIF and Happy Holidays...

 Ho ho ho!

Its that special time of the year again. Even though am not a Christian, you cannot help but be drawn into the joy and mood of the season. Christmas time however, can also be a time of deep sadness if you are alone, going through challenges or just plain lonely. I have experienced my share of less than happy Xmas seasons but i always make sure that i have a good time either with friends or family. Xmas is definitely not the time to sit and mope and think about what went wrong during the year. Its a time to be thankful and be full of cheer even if you have to force it.

2013 has been one of those years, that you look back on and say Allahamdulilahi i survived it. So many ups and downs and for a minute the downs seemed to be more than ups.  I had set objectives that i intended to achieve this year e.g buy a car, change jobs, visit my sis in the UK, find a man and start my Masters degree. This year has just shown me that plan all you want, it can all change and man proposes, God disposes.  Needless to say my plans did not turn out the way i expected. I didn't get the car, i did change jobs ( but not the way i wanted and not to what i wanted or expected), i did not visit my sis in the UK but we started a business together regardless, i bought my application form for my masters but ASUU went on strike and i met a man and fell in love ( even though he was not who i had in mind). Looking back now, i am really grateful for everything, both the good and bad because it just showed me that pessimist and control freak that i am, i can survive upheavals and be the stronger for it.

OK, enough philosophical ramblings and let's get to the business of today. It's FRIDAY! and that means the much anticipated ' Open Yard Sale' is just two days away. Please join us on the 15th December(Sunday) at 100 Hours, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos from 10am to 6pm. Everything you need for your beauty and fashion needs will be available for purchase at real affordable rates and the first 20 people to buy goods up to 15k get a freebie.  

I am so excited because nothing gets me tingly like affordable fashion and beauty. The Accessories Lounge will be there with gorgeous pieces ranging from bracelets, neck pieces, earrings,rings,scarves and purses at really really affordable rates.  See you there..

Live Love and Laugh

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